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Options available via Menu:

Connect > Connect to Snowflake

Window > Source Control…

Source Control (local Git) access is provided via the menu in case you are no longer able to connect to the Snowflake System.

To enable a new Git repository refer to Source Control / GIT.

Window > {connected systems}

The systems that you are connected to will show up in this Window list. In case you are connected to multiple systems –or to the same system more than once- you will be able to switch from one to the other by clicking on the corresponding entry under this menu. A shortcut to switch between available windows is to use CTRL+TAB.

Help > View Help:  Shows this user manual.

Help > Request Support: Shortcut for requesting support. You can submit your incidents to  

Help > Check for Updates: Check if a newer version is available. If there is a new version available you will be prompted to accept the download and upgrade. If you confirm, the installer will be downloaded automatically and started. The current version will close and you can follow the installer steps to upgrade the software version.

Help > Software Changelog: Shows the software changelog.

Help > Manage Subscription: Tool to configure the subscription.

Help > Restore Default Values:

Restoring default values deletes all or part of the configuration that Dev4Snow has saved:

A confirmation is required before restoring any default values, and any open windows and connections will be closed to proceed with the actions:

If you experience any issues using the software, restoring default values may help to overcome the issue. If you are able to connect to a Snowflake system do not check the last option, otherwise you would have to recreate the Snowflake connections again.

Help > Toggle Dark Mode: Switches between light and dark theme interface.

Help > About Dev4Snow: Shows information about software version.