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Logging in & setting up Favorites

After setting up a connection as described in Configuring a Snowflake connection you click Connect to start using it.

Dev4Snow will retrieve all the available databases and schemas –for the role that you selected or the default role if you didn’t specify any. If you are connecting for the first time you will be asked to set up the favorite Databases and Schemas in the following screen:




Use this screen to select the databases and schemas that you usually work with. Try to keep this list small to improve the daily refresh time for caching the objects. This list can be changed at any moment by clicking on the star icon right above the object tree.

Click Done when you finish selecting the databases and schemas. Dev4Snow will take some time to cache all of the objects in your selection and a progress bar will inform when it’s completed. This first caching will take more time than usual since all of the objects will be new to Dev4Snow.


After the initial caching the tree will be complete, showing available Tables, Views, Procedures and Functions:

Cache will be automatically rebuilt for these databases and schemas when the following happens:

  • During the first execution of Dev4Snow on a new day –this will happen no more than once a day, and only for the schemas that changed.
  • After you run a DDL that creates, deletes or renames an object.

Or manually when you execute these actions:

  • Right-click on schema > Refresh this branch:

  • Right-click on database > Refresh this branch:

  • When clicking the refresh icon to refresh all shown databases: