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Data Lineage Tab

Use this tab to run a lineage analysis to find out which objects are populating a table or view. The data lineage analysis uses a combination of query history –for tables- and DDL –for views- to create the diagram.

You can drag and drop a table or view from the Tree into the Diagram to start the Data Lineage analysis.

Horizontal layout:

Vertical layout:

Double-click on any of the objects to show the DDL or Insert statement for it.

You can right-click on a table or view to run another lineage analysis starting from that object –or to restart from the same object again. Also in the same context menu you have the option of running a Data Preview –for up to 100 records for that object:



Icons & actions:

Generate PDF for Diagram: Generates a PDF document for the diagram.

Copy diagram to Clipboard: Copies the diagram to Clipboard so it can be pasted in another application –like Word.

Toggle horizontal / vertical layout: Toggles the diagram layout from horizontal to vertical, or from vertical to horizontal.

Query History from: You have two options for retrieving the query history, either from the INFORMATION_SCHEMA or from the ACCOUNT_SCHEMA:

  • INFORMATION_SCHEMA is a bit faster and typically doesn’t require special permissions, but it only holds 7 days of query history –so for tables that were not loaded in the last 7 days you won’t be able to track the sources.
  • ACCOUNT_USAGE schema contains 365 days of query history, but it may require special permissions and it’s a bit slower. Querying this schema improves the chances of tracking the sources.

Depth: Use this number to set up the maximum number of layers to recursively explore. A smaller number will process faster, but if you set up a larger number you can also cancel the exploration using the Stop Data Lineage Analysis button.

Stop Data Lineage Analysis: If the process takes too long or you already have the data that you need you can cancel the exploration using this button.

Zoom-In & Zoom-Out for Diagram: Zooms in and zooms out the diagram.

Search for object in Diagram: Use this button to search for an object in the diagram.

Show or hide Quick help: Shows or hides the quick help window.

Show or hide Results window: Shows or hides the panel where the query results are displayed. Shortcut: Ctrl+R.