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Data Analysis Tab

Use this tab to analyze a table or view to find out how the data is distributed for its columns. You can drag and drop a table or view from the Tree into the left white panel. Then click in one or more columns for the object that you selected to find out the data distribution.

For example for the table ORDERS selected below the 3rd column (“O_ORDERSTATUS”) was clicked, to find out that there are three values for it, but mainly two are used:

This is a very useful feature for example to understand if the data was loaded daily –by applying it to a “load_date” column- or to find that data from date X may be incomplete –by comparing the distribution percentages to other days. You could also use it find out if there are duplicate values for the Primary Key –or Natural Key. You can select multiple columns (for example for a compound Primary Key) to calculate the distribution for that combination of columns. For selecting multiple columns use CTRL or SHIFT while clicking the columns (with left mouse key).

This feature also shows the true value of a column. For example if you have values like <null>, <empty> or blank spaces they will be reported as <null>, <empty>, <space>, <2 spaces>, …, <N spaces>, which is also useful for troubleshooting, or to find out which condition you need to set up to restore the correct values.

In the second panel where you have the distribution of values you can click on one of the records to get a data sample of up to 1,000 rows for that record combination.